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MetaTrader 4 Optimization Guide

FXVPS solutions provide traders with a stable and high-speed environment to run their MetaTrader 4 platform. However, to fully leverage the power of your VPS, it’s essential to optimize your MT4 setup. This guide offers practical tips to boost MT4 performance and ensure seamless trading operations. 1. Manage Your Charts Wisely Close Unused Charts: Each […]

MetaTrader 4 Automatic Startup Guide

This page will show you how to set up your Windows System. The importance of this set up is that it automatically start relevant MT4 terminals upon system boot. Open your File Explorer and go to your Local Disk C: 1. Right Click StartupAdder.exe and click run as administrator. Click yes then CMD should pop […]

How to extract IP/DNS address of your Broker’s MT4 Server

Start your MetaTrader 4 Terminal. Then go to Files and open Data Folder, This will lead you to the configuration folder. It will have SRV files (your broker’s MT4 server information). Open this file with notepad. There may be a pop-up window showing you can’t open the file. If this happens, select the Notepad program […]

How and when to do Windows Updates

With the Windows Operating System, you need to update your operating system and VPS up to date, and this is important to avoid mishaps. Running a Windows Update bi-monthly is highly recommended. Preferably on the weekend to avoid interruption on your trading. You may opt to configure your VPS and run it automatically. However, you […]

Installing More MT4 Platform With Same Broker

How to install more MT4 platform with same broker Rename your current desktop mt4 platform e.g Global Prime_1 and download mt4 platform When you install it change the “settings” to where installs to i.e c:program files (x86)Global Prime – Meta Trader4_1 c:program files (x86)Global Prime – Meta Trader4_2 c:program files (x86)Global Prime – Meta Trader4_3 […]

Map A Network Drive From Remote Desktop Back To Local Computer

Map A Network Drive From Remote Desktop Back To Local Computer You are already most likely familiar with the process to “redirect” drives from your host computer over to your remote desktop session.  This is as simple as choosing your local resources in the settings of your RDP connect window.  Notice below the More button at the bottom which […]


HOW TO PROPERLY DISCONNECT FROM RDP SESSION If you want to leave your programs running on your FX VPS then you just need to disconnect from RDP session, not logging of from the server – as that would result in shutting down your trading platforms, such as MetaTrader and others. If you are running your […]


HOW TO COPY FILES FROM MAC TO FOREX VPS (WINDOWS RDP) When copying file between Mac and our FXVPS (Windows System) using Microsoft Remote Desktop it’s recommended to share a subfolder, not the entire drive. Here is quick step by step tutorial: Select your Forex VPS in the main “My Desktops” window in the Remote […]

How to connect to your VPS using Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from Android.

How To Connect To Your VPS Using Remote Desktop Program (RDP) From Android. After completing payment and activating your FX VPS/Server you will receive an email. You need to take note of the following:   Your FXVPS/Server IP address   Username and Password. First, we need to download official Microsoft Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from […]