Why low latency is so important?

Latency is the amount of time that it takes for a signal to be sent from your trading platform, received by your broker, and responded to. Our VPS servers, colocated in financial data centers, deliver ultra low latency and fast execution speed for forex trading.

Check your Broker Latency and Optimal Location

If you don’t see your broker on the list, please contact us and we will perform a latency test for you.

New York
1Fx Choice79.06 ms0.3 ms5.77 ms0.67 ms
2FxNet79.46 ms0.49 ms6.19 ms14.32 ms
3FIBO Group81.08 ms0.61 ms5.67 ms1.22 ms
4ETX Capital68.66 ms8.28 ms0.74 ms11.06 ms
5IG69.98 ms9.66 ms0.8 ms12.86 ms
6Tradersway77.72 ms0.95 ms6.54 ms14.62 ms
7LCG69.83 ms9.51 ms0.99 ms13.71 ms
8XTB80.95 ms10.95 ms14.85 ms1.06 ms
9FxGrow69.11 ms8.46 ms1.11 ms11.32 ms
10NordFX76.55 ms1.16 ms7 ms7.84 ms
68.39 ms7.85 ms1.16 ms11.63 ms
12IronFX66.67 ms6.92 ms1.17 ms11.58 ms
13Purple Trading71.05 ms8.42 ms1.17 ms12.16 ms
14FXPro70.19 ms8.47 ms1.18 ms10.25 ms
15Ally Invest
69.15 ms8.14 ms1.19 ms11.17 ms
16City Index69.2 ms8.19 ms1.21 ms13.94 ms
17FX Giants67.06 ms7.02 ms1.22 ms12.14 ms
18LQD FX69.51 ms10.61 ms1.22 ms12.28 ms
19Equiti69.96 ms9.18 ms1.23 ms11.61 ms
20XTrade87.73 ms6.61 ms11.55 ms1.24 ms
21HQBroker81.7 ms1.25 ms6.99 ms9.03 ms
22BlackBull Markets
1.27 ms84.47 ms73.42 ms87.69 ms
23ForexChief84.82 ms7.12 ms12.08 ms1.27 ms
24GBE brokers69.39 ms8.42 ms1.28 ms11.81 ms
25IC Markets1.31 ms73.54 ms66.87 ms80.26 ms
26LiteForex77.82 ms1.31 ms7.08 ms7.74 ms
27Axiory69.65 ms8.44 ms1.31 ms14.26 ms
28Egm Securities69.13 ms8.72 ms1.32 ms11.84 ms
29Easy Forex79.96 ms1.33 ms7.83 ms10.8 ms
30ADMIRAL MARKETS68.88 ms7.98 ms1.33 ms11.97 ms
31FXCM1.37 ms8.97 ms67.8 ms13.74 ms
32ProfiForex80.77 ms1.38 ms6.94 ms7.92 ms
33TitanFX1.39 ms75.97 ms69.51 ms81.97 ms
34ATC Brokers1.39 ms92.41 ms67.03 ms79.89 ms
35USGFX73.27 ms11.62 ms1.4 ms16.75 ms
36Darwinex67.95 ms8.6 ms1.41 ms11.37 ms
37Synergy FX1.42 ms76.52 ms70.59 ms90.17 ms
38Coinexx70.86 ms8.83 ms1.43 ms14.67 ms
39Tradeview Forex71.37 ms9.05 ms1.43 ms11.58 ms
40AxiTrader1.45 ms79.12 ms70.31 ms108.53 ms
41Colmex Pro79.03 ms1.45 ms7.44 ms6.62 ms
42BlueMax Capital
1.48 ms84.41 ms67.27 ms78.46 ms
43Alpari68.57 ms7.63 ms1.5 ms7.03 ms
44One Financial Markets1.51 ms76.81 ms70.78 ms81.63 ms
45FXPIG71.46 ms8.85 ms1.52 ms14.58 ms
46Global Prime1.53 ms76.01 ms70.33 ms81.62 ms
47Just2Trade2.74 ms8.44 ms10.36 ms1.53 ms
48LMFX76.81 ms1.54 ms6.77 ms7.62 ms
49FX Flat69.85 ms9.01 ms1.55 ms14.72 ms
50FXCC1.56 ms84.82 ms67.98 ms92.48 ms
51Z.com Trade69 ms9.25 ms1.56 ms14.06 ms
52Fort Financial Services86.53 ms1.58 ms6.56 ms11.45 ms
53Hotforex76.79 ms1.58 ms6.13 ms8.19 ms
54Pepperstone1.59 ms76.17 ms69.33 ms84.04 ms
55BMFN72.27 ms7.78 ms1.59 ms11.42 ms
56Forex4you69.8 ms6.51 ms1.61 ms12.14 ms
56TemplerFX70.27 ms1.61 ms18.17 ms12.01 ms
5715VantageFX1.83 ms8.29 ms1.68 ms10.92 ms
58GCI Financial70.73 ms8.59 ms1.69 ms14.51 ms
59FBS70.39 ms8.03 ms1.7 ms12.18 ms
61JustForex1.72 ms74.34 ms81.67 ms80.79 ms
62Core Liquidity Markets1.73 ms17.68 ms70.49 ms82.77 ms
63Exness76.86 ms1.74 ms7.77 ms8.22 ms
64Yadix71.15 ms8.39 ms1.74 ms11.36 ms
65STOCK.com86.47 ms1.75 ms7.63 ms8.92 ms
66LCM FX83.23 ms7.47 ms1.79 ms14.89 ms
67Tallinex83.84 ms1.8 ms7.48 ms7.96 ms
68New Capital Securities 1.82 ms86.47 ms83.23 ms83.84 ms
68Tickmill69.73 ms8.3 ms1.82 ms11.43 ms
69AVA Trade71.52 ms7.4 ms1.83 ms15.29 ms
70ATFX70.47 ms9.19 ms1.83 ms14.45 ms
71FP Markets1.86 ms76.98 ms70.77 ms86.59 ms
72Forexware1.86 ms75.41 ms68.66 ms82.06 ms
73FXDD1.88 ms76.33 ms69.26 ms80.66 ms
74Atom882.39 ms1.88 ms7.43 ms8.9 ms
75Fortrade70.64 ms8.72 ms1.88 ms13.67 ms
76AIMS70.81 ms9.33 ms1.88 ms14.39 ms
76Charter Prime70.81 ms19.33 ms21.34 ms1.9 ms
76HYCM71.74 ms20.74 ms1.90 ms15.13 ms
77FXOptimax1.92 ms88.13 ms68.08 ms80.52 ms
78BCS Forex
71.74 ms9.52 ms1.94 ms14.13 ms
79Invast71.02 ms8.04 ms1.99 ms11.56 ms
80Firewood FX2.21 ms78.39 ms74.34 ms89.63 ms
81Oanda2.31 ms84.02 ms70.96 ms81.28 ms
82Hantec Markets72.31 ms9.58 ms1.71 ms16.71 ms
82Trade1272.79 ms10.07 ms2.35 ms17.72 ms
83CM Trading72.14 ms9.72 ms2.4 ms14.63 ms
84Amana Capital
79.31 ms11.17 ms2.9 ms16.16 ms
85JFD Brokers2.93 ms78.05 ms71.58 ms87.34 ms
85Swiss Markets79.32 ms17.17 ms2.99 ms27.21 ms
86XM73.85 ms9.09 ms3.07 ms13.8 ms
87Kapsecure73.67 ms8.37 ms3.08 ms19.1 ms
88FXTM(Forextime)78.08 ms7 ms10.38 ms6.37 ms
89Infinox71.49 ms8.12 ms3.4 ms14.2 ms
90STO76.47 ms7.14 ms3.61 ms12.88 ms
91Blackwell Global
84.14 ms9.61 ms3.67 ms16.44 ms
92Argus FX
3.92 ms80.2 ms77.82 ms97 ms
93OctaFX73.01 ms9.51 ms4.03 ms13.87 ms
94GKFX73.26 ms12.83 ms4.54 ms15.8 ms
95FreshForex80.99 ms7.1 ms4.85 ms16.66 ms
962424option80.88 ms11.96 ms16.15 ms5.01 ms
97Grand Capital78.7 ms11.25 ms16.18 ms5.02 ms
98ADS Securities70.52 ms11.41 ms5.11 ms14.89 ms
99ACTIVTRADES78.85 ms12.99 ms5.18 ms12.74 ms
100GMOTrading75.77 ms5.25 ms7.08 ms10.94 ms
101LegacyFX82.54 ms11.96 ms16.54 ms5.31 ms
102InstaForex (US)81.32 ms11.34 ms16.27 ms5.48 ms
103InstaForex (EU)81.35 ms11.61 ms16.3 ms5.61 ms
104FXGLORY6.81 ms80.58 ms75.55 ms84.36 ms
105Evolve Markets81.32 ms16.59 ms7.03 ms7.9 ms
106EverFX80.99 ms7.39 ms13 ms12.98 ms
107AAAFX7.54 ms84.41 ms73.1 ms92.42 ms
108JAFX7.57 ms92.52 ms77.84 ms93.33 ms
109Hugos way7.86 ms79.2 ms74.63 ms98.99 ms
110FinFX98.48 ms17.59 ms20.71 ms8.11 ms
111IFC Markets85.75 ms11.54 ms8.42 ms10.25 ms
113Eagle Global Markets81.75 ms16.72 ms11.30 ms24.7 ms
114Globe Pro80.47 ms16.02 ms11.31 ms28.04 ms
115Core Spreads81.28 ms16.62 ms11.41 ms24.64 ms
116Dukascopy92.45 ms18.68 ms22.44 ms12.44 ms
117RoboForex93.06 ms24.07 ms28.64 ms12.85 ms
118FXGlobe89.35 ms15.11 ms13.21 ms25.16 ms
119FXPrimus14.24 ms76.01 ms70.81 ms86.05 ms
120Orbex222.06 ms160.88 ms152.17 ms17.12 ms
121KOT4x17.47 ms80.71 ms76.78 ms99.1 ms
121PaxForex89.63 ms22.1 ms17.59 ms27.71 ms
122FXOpen107.98 ms37.37 ms43.66 ms37.13 ms
123Forex.ee114.42 ms52.25 ms49.66 ms51.31 ms
124Forex Club157.97 ms74.51 ms80.49 ms79.9 ms
125ECM Trader252.01 ms184.22 ms155.39 ms168.53 ms
126Gemforex242.11 ms170.59 ms157.01 ms170.66 ms
127Rakuten Securities Aus174.36 ms246.06 ms238.23 ms249.97 ms
128AMP Global Clearing
21.63 ms91.9 ms88.23 ms104.26 ms
129Blueberry Markets
170.68 ms242.99 ms224.76 ms239.99 ms
130EightCap170.52 ms243.01 ms224.96 ms237.93 ms
AKFX76.89 ms13.94 ms5.69 ms15.34 ms
BDS Markets70.96 ms7.64 ms1.86 ms12.45 ms
Capital Index2.24 ms76.06 ms67.30 ms79.03 ms
E-Global68.57 ms7.06 ms1.57 ms12.22 ms
Existe Investment1.87 ms81.97 ms69.27 ms83.35 ms
Fullerton Markets72.73 ms9.99 ms4.37 ms16.00 ms
Forex.com68.22 ms7.03 ms1.36 ms10.89 ms
LMFX75.74 ms1.90 ms7.91 ms7.73 ms
Go Markets71.89 ms7.52 ms2.52 ms14.52 ms
LibertexCom14.61 ms77.17 ms83.51 ms83.38 ms
Iquoto73.92 ms8.72 ms3.70 ms13.66 ms
Juno Markets71.06 ms8.82 ms3.46 ms13.01 ms
Purple Trading71.05 ms
8.42 ms
1.17 ms
12.16 ms
LandFX153.57 ms255.56 ms217.54 ms249.47 ms
LCM FX/LucrorFX72.91 ms6.86 ms1.72 ms11.94 ms
Match-Trade78.99 ms6.15 ms10.23 ms16.89 ms
MGTC ltd.232.22 ms239.38 ms246.81 ms233.74 ms
MEX Int Group71.91 ms8.56 ms1.84 ms13.91 ms
NordFX76.55 ms1.16 ms 7 ms 7.84 ms
PVP Markets72.06 ms7.93 ms1.38 ms16.40 ms
Rubix FX/FXTRADING.com2.73 ms81.35 ms70.92 ms86.89 ms
tegasFX 68.75 ms9.62 ms1.68 ms16.16 ms
ThinkMarkets.com196.68 ms9.63 ms3.57 ms13.8 ms
TIO Markets14.19 ms76.02 ms70.80 ms81.75 ms
TradeMax140.40 ms216.53 ms214.10 ms207.99 ms
TradingPoint73.88 ms8.94 ms8.23 ms16.70 ms
Tripleafx6.69 ms78.90 ms73.98 ms88.91 ms
USGFX73.27 ms11.62 ms1.4 ms16.75 ms
UOB222.00 ms183.02 ms175.41 ms160.38 ms
XIG Limited186.81 ms228.06 ms201.02 ms171.71 ms
BERRY MARKETS80.59 ms11.46 ms19.85 ms5.06 ms
Binary.com155.64 ms2.05 ms14 ms18 ms
CK Markets46.41 ms140.19 ms140.20 ms155.52 ms
EXXI CAPITAL2.35 ms75.18 ms69.34 ms73 ms
EquitiGroup69.96 ms9.18 ms1.23 ms11.61 ms
House Of Borse69.55 ms8.64 ms1.26 ms14.07 ms
Klimex Capital Markets2.75 ms82.27 ms70.19 ms85.12 ms
Key To Markets7.95 ms85.51 ms70 ms93.6 ms
MTrading14.61 ms77.71 ms2.44 ms83.38 ms
Multibank FX71.87 ms8.69 ms3.56 ms14.08 ms
OspreyFX67.82 ms7.89 ms1.46 ms12.15 ms
Price Markets2.30 ms80.35 ms75.44 ms82.22 ms
SuperForex92.79 ms11.07 ms24.21 ms28.12 ms
Swiss Quote87.38 ms18.66 ms17.02 ms14.83 ms
TrioMarkets70.06 ms8.58 ms1.32 ms11.51 ms
Weltrade83 ms12 ms7.93 ms7.94 ms
4xcube73.13 ms12.71 ms2.93 ms13.11 ms
HankoTrade74.01 ms8.06 ms1.46 ms13.36 ms
Revotrade69.42 ms7.32 ms1.03 ms11.73 ms
Teletrade78.98 ms3.33 ms10.69 ms9.44 ms
CryptoRocket8.23 ms91.65 ms76.76 ms91.65 ms
EagleFX7.87 ms92.92 ms77.08 ms89.47 ms
ProsperityFX69.57 ms8.42 ms1.66 ms51.24 ms
Maxrich Group230 ms263ms258ms71.91ms
LMAX69.57 ms92.92 ms1.33ms89.47 ms
AAFX35.04 ms155.62 ms139.78ms99.62 ms
NSFX70.73 ms8.60 ms2.81 ms13.13 ms
Pure Market77.29 ms10.26 ms3.18 ms14.63
Xtream Forex7.63 ms141.20 ms141.24 ms127.65 ms
Turnkey Forex74.43 ms9.39 ms2.73 ms16.00 ms
FFTradersSRO72.14 ms9.49 ms2.01 ms14.03 ms
Trader Trust69.86 ms8.85 ms1.3 ms11.49 ms
Saxxo Bank171.15 ms243.98 ms228.11 ms230.56 ms
ACYFX198.36 ms198.30 ms249.64 ms206.59 ms