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A Fast and Powerful Forex VPS Provider You Can Trust

FX VPS is your leading forex VPS provider. We deliver world class technology helping streamline your online forex and trade operations. Our incredible infrastructure allows you to run trades 24/7! Connect with us and you can access the fastest Virtual Private Servers for exceptional forex trading today.

As low as 0.38ms latency!0%
Save up to 40% against our competitors0%
100% server uptime guarantee0%

Great Possibilities

Worldwide Customers

Round the clock 24/7 support

Independent Servers

Run Sophisticated EA's Smoothly

Security You Can Trust

Why Choose FX VPS?

FX VPS has been developing optimized servers for secure and efficient market trade. As specialized server providers, we provide just what you’re looking for.



Our trade servers offer powerful and dedicated hosting services to ensure your trading platform runs smoothly and securely. Migrate your trade platform to our trusted remote server and experience simplicity, security and optimized performance at its finest.

Discover our Forex Server Packages and Prices

Our servers and ISPs provide uninterrupted connectivity for trading software. We encourage fast, streamlined trade all day, every day. We ensure secure solutions and independent resources, for effective trade with impeccable accuracy.  Feel free to try our  Basic plan for 7 days with no obligation and no commitment today !


  • $19.99/mo
    • SSD Disk 25 GB
    • Ram 1 GB
    • Cpus 1 Core
    • MT Clients 1-3*


  • $26.99/mo
    • SSD Disk 40 GB
    • Ram 2 GB
    • Cpus 1 Core
    • MT Clients 2-4*


  • $39.99/mo
    • SSD Disk 60 GB
    • Ram 4 GB
    • Cpus 2 Core
    • MT Clients Tons


Providing Services

Limitless Opportunities

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Our Services

You can depend on our expertise as we offer round the clock technical support. Our backup power solutions will keep you online even when a power outage strikes. With simplified web features, you can access your server 24/7.

Independent Servers

We understand how system delays can cause interrupted services and limit your bottom line. Our servers have been optimized for Metatrader and EA Execution. Our clients are assured of services at lightning speeds. We do not share any of our resources. This means dedicated trade server hosting at its best.

Competitively Priced

Our competitive price plans are based on research into the market. We offer expertise and dedicated servers for Forex Trading at valuable prices. Check out our price plans or contact us to help choose the right plan for your needs. We also lower latency for superfast trade at cost effective rates.

Round the Clock (24/7) Support

Our support services include professional staff to address your needs with the expertise and professionalism deserved.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Access your trading server with online features that are easy to use. We invest in Forex trade and support various platforms for effective results.

Security You Can Trust

At FX VPS w invest in the highest levels of secure features to keep your information confidential and safe. Your information always remains private and confidential.

Run Sophisticated EA's Smoothly

With VPS resources you can depend on, even the most complex EA's can be run without any hassles.

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