This page will show you a brief guide on how you can use MT4 at an optimal level, and this is important because this will enable you to consume less few resources, such as RAM and CPU. Please note that this is under the condition that you are trading automatically using the MT4 platform because this will disable the function of the new candle chart.

Go to tools and then choose options (it will show you multiple tabs).

  1. To reduce chart bars:

Select Charts and then uncheck all options. On the lower part of the Chart tab, you need to change Max bars in history and Max bars in the chart into (1). Note that you need to uncheck show trade levels and show OHLC.

2. To disable news:

Select Events and then uncheck Enable. Note that you want to lessen network usage.

Remember to hide unnecessary symbols that you don’t trade in the Market Watch and close other charts on your platform.

Last step is to restart your MT4 terminal.