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InstaForex (US) server location and latency: Featured broker within 5.21ms.

In this post we will be reviewing InstaForex (US) and identifying the best server location for them. We understand that one of the struggles as a Forex trader is reducing the amount of slippage that happens when you execute a trade. If it takes longer for your broker to receive your trade, you get in the market later and this costs your profit, or even worse causes you to lose money. at FXVPS we make sure that doesn’t become an issue by having our VPS servers directly adjacent to the same DATACENTER as the brokers. Thats how we can provide you with the lowest latency in the market.


Terrible broker and an example of a typical scam. I haven’t been able to withdraw my money for a week now. From their support every day they apologize and promise to pay, but they don’t send me the money. Stay away from them if you respect yourself and value your money and time. Such brokers should be banned by regulators, but I doubt Instaforex has regulation. ANSWER: account 51276532. Aren’t you embarrassed to ask? We’ve been talking about these late payments all week. I have several tickets and complaints but you are not paying me. This is a crypto payment and it must be paid immediately because the price changes quickly and this brings losses.


Heinrich Fienies

I traded with the bonus of 1000usd made 400 usd profit ….trying to withdraw with skrill but doesn’t want to work ..what requirements do I need to make a successful withdrawal ?..and what If my profits go beyond the bonus 1000usd ? What is i make 2000usd….so no deposit .?means no withdrawal of any funds ? Account 22276620


kalokhan Ueuehhw

I got an coupon bonus from an IB of instaforex and trade and get a profit of 50$ when I try to withdrawal my profits they refund my withdrawal request into my account. When I ask for the reason they blocked my account. However I haven’t break any rule of bonus agreement. I try to deposit into a real account they take 4 days to process my withdrawal and ask for a lot of proofs. It’s just a scammer broker. I recommend you to don’t deposit or trade in this broker.



A month ago I registered an account with InstaForex and decided to try Forex Copy. I figured it out quickly and already have a small profit. Based on the recommendations, I decided to immediately pass verification. I didn’t figure it out right away and thought it would be faster, but they helped me in the chat with support. My rating for now is 4. When I withdraw my first profit it will be 5. Good luck! Update: Successfully withdraw my first profit. So five stars now!


Who is InstaForex (US)?

InstaForex is a group of companies that are registered in different countries and operate under the InstaForex brand. The group includes various legal entities and authorized agents that provide services to clients in accordance with the local legislation. InstaForex group includes Instant Trading Ltd registered on the British Virgin Islands and regulated by the BVI FSC under the licence number SIBA/L/14/1082.

Where are they located?

InstaForex (US) is located in Frankfurt with just latency of just 5.21ms from our VPS.

With any broker, one thing to realize is that where their head office is and where their Metatrader 4 servers are located are two very different places. Majority of Brokers have their servers located in one of three key locations(New York, London, Amsterdam). We have gone through and tested a server in each of locations to find the fastest connection and lowest latency to InstaForex (US). Here are the results:


12.40 ms


5.21 ms


18.89 ms

New York

85.75 ms

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