Planning to do Forex Trading? Use a VPS!

  • Published: July 7, 2020

Planning to do Forex Trading? Use a VPS!

One of the booming businesses in the world right now is Forex Trading. Like other businesses, one must learn the ins and outs of the business before starting it. They must learn about doing the right trades at the right time. Newbie traders and veterans alike also need to learn the flow of the trade. That is why using a VPS is essential for their business.

When starting up, a trader often uses shared hosting. They think that it could handle their business. They regret it soon enough because of many things. The most common reason is the lack of storage capabilities and control. These two are fundamental pillars for the business to thrive.

Trading takes a lot of storage space. They need to install different software so they might experience latency issues. Traders also have limited control over a shared hosting server. Oftentimes, traders only have control over what the shared hosting host provides.

Because of this, they couldn’t do things that they want to do or achieve. They have limited options so to speak. A lot of traders use shared hosting because of the price. So in other words, they got what they paid for.

This is why it would serve their best interests if they opt for a VPS right from the get-go. VPS servers hover between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Traders use a VPS because of the wide array of control that it has and its benefits.

This article will discuss why it’s best to use a VPS even if the planned Forex business is still starting. Please note that it is still anyone’s discretion to use either a shared, VPS or dedicated server. This would serve as guidance on what to use.

Control and specifications

On a shared hosting server, lots of people are using a single server. It tends to cramp up and when a particular user uses a lot of bandwidth, everyone feels the latency. As the name suggests, all users of the same use the same storage facility. They also use the same connection.

This means that they can only use the server’s functions at a minimal capacity. They can only place files with a specific capacity. Placing more than the allowed space will cause problems with latency and performance. The system tends to get slow and this is bad for business.

When the server is slow and connections go haywire, traders lose valuable opportunities. Worse, they can only use one trading instance at any given time. Using more than one or two will cause slow performance and lag.

Slow connections and latency might even cause the system to shut down. This happens when the server couldn’t handle the workload. Traders would need to reboot their systems then create their setup again. They can’t even install the software that they need. They can only use the software that the host provides.

In a VPS setup, traders wouldn’t need to worry about shutdowns. Servers have different “partitions” and each user has their own partition to use. Think of it as a computer that has partitions. People do this to delegate a task or role on each partition. That way, it will not feel cramped up because of all the tasks that it has to do.

The same goes for VPS. One partition goes to a single user only. They have full control over its specifications and can install any software. Server shutdowns are also non-existent because of round-the-clock support.

Price and security

VPS hosting; with all its benefits and perks, is cheaper than shared hosting. At face value, shared hosting shows a smaller bill. But with all its inconsistencies, it looks pricier. VPS hosting might show a higher price but it’s worth it. The peace of mind that a VPS server provides is priceless.

With VPS hosting, a trader can put several MT4 trading platforms at the same time. Doing so heightens the possibility of a good trade. They can even have more good trades if they’re lucky enough. A normal VPS server can handle at least four MT4 instances at any given time. Doing Forex Trading with this setup is very profitable.

In shared hosting, traders couldn’t do this because of the limited space that they have. This also limits the possibility of good trades in a day. They consider themselves lucky if they can run two MT4 instances at the same time. At any rate, they won’t earn much with this setup.

Traders can also expect a great performance from VPS servers. Since they can install any software they want, they can place extra security programs. Traders feel safe since they have their trades under a lock and key. Shared hosting users don’t have this security option.

On top of that, each partition has its own security protocols. A user can only access their own partition. If that’s not enough, they have to option to crank their security up using their own security software.

When starting a Forex trading business, using a VPS hosting service will bring the money on the table. So invest in a VPS even when starting a Forex trading business and reap its bountiful rewards.