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TitanFX server location and latency: Featured broker within 1.80ms.

In this post we will be reviewing TitanFX and identifying the best server location for them. We understand that one of the struggles as a Forex trader is reducing the amount of slippage that happens when you execute a trade. If it takes longer for your broker to receive your trade, you get in the market later and this costs your profit, or even worse causes you to lose money. at FXVPS we make sure that doesn’t become an issue by having our VPS servers directly adjacent to the same DATACENTER as the brokers. Thats how we can provide you with the lowest latency in the market.

Galina Bud

Don’t trust TitanFX trading platform I started trading with the company in May 2023, everything would have been fine until I started withdrawing funds, for 8 months the withdrawal process has not been completed, we are talking about a sum of more than 100000 dollars. Withdrawal conditions are not clear at all, i have to pay withdrawal fees,it’s loses inside company, now company wants identify my accounts with coinbasse fee, 😩many departments for Communication this issues , no customer service and support .This is a real scammers, I do not recommend this company. I am not trusting 👎👎👎


Tunahan Tasbas

Elite class broker I have never seen this fast withdrawal… It came in 2 minutes that I still cannot believe. Furthermore, customer service, portal and lastly, mt4 execution speed and spreads are high quality. I completely recommend this broker!



I finally found a broker I like. No pressure sales desk with fast deposits and withdraws. True ECN with no dealing desk. I highly recommend this broker if you are looking for good execution and trustworthy experience.


Tom Müller

if i could i would give it -10 stars. I have never experienced a broker who bullies the masses of customers like the titan fx does. ID, PASS, ID with selfie, PASS with selfie… and all rejected. too blurred. Even a blind chicken could still decipher that from Mars. but they bully the customers simply because they have the power to do so. what’s going on with the guy who sits in compliance. nothing to say at home, a wife who is tyrannical and he now wants revenge on all customers? he’s such a sick guy. one sick guy like that can ruin the whole image of the company…. and no don’t give me the lame excuse of KYC i know the regulations. what you pull off here is pure chicane nothing else.


Who is TitanFX?

Titan FX is a foreign exchange (forex), metal and commodities broker serving both institutional and retail clients across the globe. We offer an advanced, technology based approach to online trading – with ultra tight spreads, no-requotes, full ECN execution, absolute transparency and the latest trading platform technology. We have built a direct ECN and exchange liquidity centre in the heart of NY4 in New York based on lightning fast optical fibre cross connections, supported with a global infrastructure of the best the forex industry has to offer. By continually investing in development of new technologies and regularly upgrading our trading servers we can provide clients with the best possible trading conditions.

Where are they located?

TitanFX server is located in New York with just latency of just 1.80ms from our VPS.

With any broker, one thing to realize is that where their head office is and where their Metatrader 4 servers are located are two very different places. Majority of Brokers have their servers located in one of three key locations(New York, London, Amsterdam). We have gone through and tested a server in each of locations to find the fastest connection and lowest latency to TitanFX. Here are the results:


77.75 ms


77.79 ms


69.49 ms

New York

1.80 ms

Who is FX-VPS

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