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Grand Capital server location and latency: Featured broker within 5.22ms

In this post we will be reviewing Grand Capital and identifying the best server location for them. We understand that one of the struggles as a Forex trader is reducing the amount of slippage that happens when you execute a trade. If it takes longer for your broker to receive your trade, you get in the market later and this costs your profit, or even worse causes you to lose money. at FXVPS we make sure that doesn’t become an issue by having our VPS servers directly adjacent to the same DATACENTER as the brokers. Thats how we can provide you with the lowest latency in the market.


Oleg FX Arbitrage is a fraudster who deceive people, he provides more than 30 accounts from Grand Capital with an investor password for MetaTrader +myfxbook with a profit of 200-900% and a drawdown of 3- 5%, there is not a single unprofitable account. When you give him an account for trading, he specifically drains all the money in 2-3 minutes. Oleg FX Arbitrage is advertised on Telegram: Arbitrage Forex Fx Soft Scalping Trading Software 21.02 You are mistaken, I did not accuse Grand Capital, I did not violate the client agreement 11.7 and 11.8, I transferred the data voluntarily. There is a scammer Oleg FX who deceives people by showing more than 30 Grant Capital MetaTrader+MyFxBook accounts with highly profitable arbitrage trading that you forbid using. *Reply as of February 23, 2024:* The information needed to prove, investigate and establish Oleg’s identity is in my review above, you didn’t even search for him on Telegram and Google, it’s done in just one minute. Therefore, we can conclude that you are not going to disconnect Oleg from your services, he brings your company benefits from deceived people. What did you mean by writing about: “as well as many other reputable and reliable brokers”? *Reply as of February 29, 2024:* GrantCapital is not a reputable and reliable broker and Oleg is a direct proof of this. In addition to the GrantCapital , Oleg uses two more very dubious brokers who have a terrible reputation in the field of trading. Such fraud is impossible with a reliable broker. And your internal investigators still haven’t figured out why Oleg drains the entire deposit in 2 minutes? )



This guys are complete scammers no two ways about it, I created an account with them and verify it my ID, it shows verified before I go ahead to make a deposit. After some days I decided to take out my money with the same process I used during deposit. My withdrawal was rejected or cancelled noting that the ID I used for verification is not clear enough for them. I have tried uploading other IDs like 4 different types still my withdrawal is rejected by them. Now tell me if they are not scammers why did approve the same ID for account verification that made me to deposit with them. Note I have used up all their customers service still no good result. Please if you have in mind to invest or trade with them don’t even go there because your hard earned money will be stock with them.



It is an scammer fake broker. They have different ways to get victims. Dont make a deposit there dont do that. Dont trust them.


Emmanuel Akolo

I signed up an account with Grand capital, using my international passport for registration but the didn’t verified my passport. This is the same passport I created account with several forex broker. It will be good you tell me condition why my passport was not verified.


Who is Grand Capital?

Grand Capital is a global brokerage firm whose offices operate in 40 countries of the world. The broker’s scale of operation is supported and expanded by 18 thousand partners all over the world. 200 trading instruments are available, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs on currencies, indices, stocks, metals, energy resources, agricultural products, and bonds. The company is regulated by Finacom and has been assigned category A — the highest category of broker’s reliability. Besides, it has won multiple awards, including “Best Affiliate Program” from MENA Financial Expo 2016, “Best Trading Technology” from Moscow Financial Expo 2016, “Best Forex Broker in Africa” from Africa Financial Expo 2017, “Best Forex ECN Broker in Africa” from CIO East Africa 2019 and the “Best Investment Service Provider in Africa 2020.” Daily market analysis, economic news and event calendar help clients make smart trading decisions. The company’s support team is always ready to address all technical issues, while the personal managers are there to answer all questions and resolve any problems 24/7.

Where are they located?

Grand Capital server is located in Frankfurt with just latency of just 5.22ms from our VPS.

With any broker, one thing to realize is that where their head office is and where their Metatrader 4 servers are located are two very different places. Majority of Brokers have their servers located in one of three key locations(New York, London, Amsterdam). We have gone through and tested a server in each of locations to find the fastest connection and lowest latency to Grand Capital. Here are the results:


18 ms


5.22 ms


23.19 ms

New York

85.83 ms

Who is FX-VPS

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