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Forex Club server location and latency: Featured broker within 7.30ms.

In this post we will be reviewing Forex Club and identifying the best server location for them. We understand that one of the struggles as a Forex trader is reducing the amount of slippage that happens when you execute a trade. If it takes longer for your broker to receive your trade, you get in the market later and this costs your profit, or even worse causes you to lose money. at FXVPS we make sure that doesn’t become an issue by having our VPS servers directly adjacent to the same DATACENTER as the brokers. Thats how we can provide you with the lowest latency in the market.


I send over 10 times document for verification. But they said my photo is not clear. But actually all wording and character can be seen clearly. They did not let user to withdrawal. My account number is 1808417136



Fxclub sent back my initial deposit but still not withdraw my funds. I wait my withdrawal since28 of July. Fxclub still continues to send me the requests and ask me about new documents.That’s terrible… Aug 24, 2020 – 1 Star Hello forex community! My account number at FxClub is 550038354 I have been trying to withdraw funds from FxClub since 23 July. Each time the company requests more and more new documents. Moreover, the verification period is always maximum – 5 working days. Worst of all, the documents that I sent are already requested. All information at members area were blocked due to the verification of documents. I invested $ 1,900 to account 550038037, after several orders I made a transfer to a new account 550038354 on which the main trades were. Now on the account 550038354 the amount of 4468.88. And the problem atarted after i asked 2000$ for withdraw. Obviously, the problem is that there was a profit on the account. Realizing this, I requested a refund of the deposit, without profit. And again I got the same answer – provide the documents. I have 8 years of forex experience. And I know that companies always return a deposit. Only scam companies do not return the deposit. In this case, Fxclub does not even return the deposit to me. Dear Community, I ask you to help me with advice, what should I do? How to get the funds back from the company? Thank you.


Nikolay Kuryshev

Hello! I have not been withdrawn from Forex Club for almost a month !!! It’s just some kind of nightmare! Disgrace is simple !!! Since February 18, I have been asked for one document per week and are supposedly “checked” !!! Check one document for a whole week !!! Money hung in the Forex club thoroughly. Do not mess with these businessmen: then you will not see your money !!! And their money hung serious. Big for me. I have a request to all who care about reading this thread: I ask you, help! In this situation, any of us traders may be. Tell me what can be done to somehow expose to the Forex club and that they still withdraw my money! Help me please. Do you think charge back will help in this case? I ask you, help me with advice !!!



I was just trying the service, I had 4 signals open, 3 went to SL, which is normal, i can take that, they only post one SL in their Telegram, the other one they post that we should have put our SL some pips higher bcoz of the spread. I put 2 stars becoz they send you a pic of the chart pretty much letting you know what kind of analysis they are doing. AUD/USD EP: 0.6835 Long SL: 0.6800 1st TP: 0.6875…. the signal is still going even that the price went down to 0.6781. Great thing we all have the chance to try them out before paying higher prices for their signals. Keep studying, no giving up… signals are like indicators, you can not entry every time they tell you to.


Who is Forex Club?

A forex club refers to a national association of foreign-exchange wholesale professionals, dealers, brokers, and treasury managers whose primary goals are to educate and network their members

Where are they located?

Forex Club server is located in London with just latency of just 7.30ms from our VPS.

With any broker, one thing to realize is that where their head office is and where their Metatrader 4 servers are located are two very different places. Majority of Brokers have their servers located in one of three key locations(New York, London, Amsterdam). We have gone through and tested a server in each of locations to find the fastest connection and lowest latency to Forex Club. Here are the results:


9.21 ms


16.10 ms


7.30 ms

New York

79.10 ms

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