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DUKASCOPY server location and latency: Featured broker within 14.97ms.

In this post we will be reviewing DUKASCOPY and identifying the best server location for them. We understand that one of the struggles as a Forex trader is reducing the amount of slippage that happens when you execute a trade. If it takes longer for your broker to receive your trade, you get in the market later and this costs your profit, or even worse causes you to lose money. at FXVPS we make sure that doesn’t become an issue by having our VPS servers directly adjacent to the same DATACENTER as the brokers. Thats how we can provide you with the lowest latency in the market.

Mohamed Yassine

Very fast service, and available agents 24/7 working on the satisfaction of the customer, I’ve used a lot if bank services but this is the best experience So far i just love it thanks to the customer care


Mina Milad

platform is very good demo & real account. in general dukascopy bank is the best for me in everything ,customer service ,withdrawal ,deposit ,execution of orders and that is from a real experience thanks dukascopy.


Marwa Nasser

Dukascopy Great bank and broker ive been with them around 6 or 7 years and didnt face any big problems ,, they have good spreads and the commisions are good as well ,, and finally they have good contests Real and Demo both .


Faten Ben hassine

Great support, answers all my questions and guides me on everything i want to do.



Dukascopy Bank is a Swiss online bank which provides online and mobile trading, banking and financial services. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it has offices in Riga, Kyiv, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo, with over 300 employees.

Where are they located?

With any broker, one thing to realize is that where their head office is and where their Metatrader 4 servers are located are two very different places. Majority of Brokers have their servers located in one of three key locations(New York, London, Amsterdam). We have gone through and tested a server in each of locations to find the fastest connection and lowest latency to DUKASCOPY. Here are the results:


22.01 ms


14.97 ms


27.83 ms

New York

97 ms

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