Advantages of using a VPS for business

  • Published: June 17, 2020

Advantages of using a VPS for business

When starting a business, one would need to use the best business aids as possible. Whether it’s an online or physical business, they need to use reliable web hosting services. This is more important if the business in question is Forex Trading. One cannot afford any latency issues and downtime.

Traders also need servers with high memory at a low cost. Oftentimes, shared servers have limits with their RAM and storage. This is why traders opt for VPS or Virtual Private Servers. This type of server has the capabilities of both shared and dedicated servers. The biggest advantage of using VPS is that one has all these benefits at a lower price.

Aside from that very obvious benefit, this article will list more advantages of a VPS server. This should help people decide if VPS is the one for their business

Improved performance

Shared servers have lots of people connected to it. It not mere dozens but at least hundreds of people are using a single server. This explains the limit that a shared server has. Using a VPS will allow a trader to have its own server. Think of it as a server partition wherein the main server has partitions/space for a single user. That way, that trader can do many MT4 instances at the same time.

This activity will not produce lag because of the server’s RAM and storage capacity. This is why people say that in shared hosting, one shares everything; the server and its latency. For example, if the other person uses to much traffic, it will affect others connected to the server too.

When using a VPS, every partition is independent of one another. This means, even though one’s business takes in a lot of traffic, it will not affect other servers. The user will have uninterrupted service throughout the day and week.

Enhanced control

People would like to have absolute control over their businesses. This is normal so if this doesn’t happen, they feel worried or disgusted. Shared hosting doesn’t provide people control over root access. Without this control, they have to rely on the options that the hosting site provides. If traders use any unsupported software on the system, it could pose a lot of issues.

Incompatibility is at the top of that list. Not only that, but users will also need to contend with security potholes and issues. Also, only the hosting provider has full control over the software used on the server.

Major issues may arise if the user couldn’t use specific software for their business. The software might not even work. A VPS doesn’t have any of these headaches. The trader can use any software and tools for their business needs. They have full control over any changes needed on the server. One can upscale their business without interrupting the server’s functions.

Forecasting growth

People who have small businesses can predict the traffic needed for their business. But if they plan to upgrade their business, the traffic changes from time to time. Traffic changes as the customer base increases. They need a server to handle these changes. A shared server; having limited options, is not the best solution for this.

A VPS can handle any changes that the business needs. Users will not need to worry about it interrupting the server’s functionality. Think of it as upgrading a server hosting plan. Another advantage is that there is no downtime between upgrades.

This means the business will run smooth as usual. The user’s website will stay up during these upgrades so people can still check the site. MT4s will also continue to work while upgrades happen.


The thing is that people used shared servers in the past because it’s cheaper than VPS prices. But as time went by, technology continues to improve. Because of this, VPS has cheaper plans than before. It even overtook the prices of shared servers. This made VPS a must for any business. A lot of these VPS servers have plans lower than $10 per month. That is lower than most shared server plans.

Customer support

Of course, technology; no matter how great still has its flaws. When a VPS server encounters an issue, users can rely on 24/7 customer support. Hosting providers understand that a VPS’s performance is critical for their business. This is why when a user calls, they are ready to provide any support that the user needs.

A dedicated customer support specialist is ready to provide support anytime. Most providers have specialists assigned to each server. That way, they can help more people at once. The specialists will offer suggestions and recommendations as well.

Continuous improvement in technology means more options for traders. Those who are in the Forex Trading business can take advantage of these benefits. Using a VPS will result in more wins and greater trades.